Trouble Finding The Right Waste Disposal Service ???

Look no further than Quality Disposal Service. We are a waste disposal and recycling company which is committed to providing excellent service for the Grand Rapids, Michigan Metro area. With over three generations of experience in the waste handling sector, Quality Disposal offers a range of services and solutions to meet all your waste disposal and recycling management requirements. Call us to set up an appointment and rest assured that we will work overtime to meet your needs. Waste disposal and recycling is a complex and demanding business today.

The more convenient our life is the more complex it gets, this follows true when dealing with waste disposal. If waste disposal and recycling is not handled properly the negative effects may be realized for many years to come. At Quality Disposal we posses the experience and expertise to make sure all your waste disposal and recycling needs are handled efficiently with positive effects.

QualityDisposal offers an array of packages and services ranging from residential waste disposal and recycling, to commercial waste removal services, to roll-off dumpster service. We offer all our services with NO HIDDEN FEES, WHAT WE QUOTE IS WHAT YOU PAY. Select your requirements from our detailed web pages and get in touch with us, either via our online contact form or by giving us a call

QualityDisposal – More than Just a Name

95 gallon and 64 gallon waste cart for rental or direct purchase

Door pick-up for elderly or disabled for no extra charge

Scheduled on time waste removal

One time clean-ups: More than a pick-up truck load but less than a dumpster

Single item pick-up of items like couches and stoves and furniture items

QualityDisposal – More than Just a Name

Analysis of your company’s current waste stream for the potential to recycle, this may in turn allow the reduction of your disposal cost and put less strain on our environment.

Scheduled and one time waste disposal

On site construction "Clean Up" operations

Cleaning out AND Maintaining FORECLOSURES

QualityDisposal – More than Just a Name

Wide range of dumpster sizes available for order

Flexible set up and removal timings

Convenient evening and weekend deliveries and pick-ups

Best deal for Building Contractors and Roofers

QualityDisposal – More than Just a Name

Removal of ferrous, non-ferrous materials and scrap

Recycling of cardboard, and discarded plastics

All residential recycling requirements

Arrangement for removal of scrap or abandoned vehicles, (TOP DOLLAR PAID)